Monday, 16 January 2012

Mm there's nothing like a good ol' Monday.


Today was really really okay. :D

#16: you decide how things will go but putting in the right amount of effort.

So I'm just going to start from the beginning, which started lousily; by the way. I was almost late and I was, in simple English, frantic.

But I was on time, however, I had completely forgotten that (insert lightning here) there was reading period right after flag raising.

I was screwed.

So I took out my science textbook, next best thing I had to English reading material and I was reading about isotopes, molecules blah blah, thn madam confiscated my textbook!


But I got it back as usual.

Then we had lit! Miss blint prepped us about mood in the art of literacy and have us a lovely poem to relate to.
The poem was really nice, at great I thought it was a rare love comedy poem, but of course it turned out or be a tragic one.

And there was a really nice word in class being brought up, "servitude".

Sounds so.. Amazing!


Anyway, after that we had math math math! Dumb inverse proportions. Zzzz. Not dumb but you know.

So after that it was.. I can't remember hah but I know I did exceptionally well in my math test compared to my classmates and although I was pleased with position I was not pleased with my score.

I'm like.. One of those people who insist on "nothing but the best".

Whiny annoying competitive people, that's me!

And dance was okay today I guess, seniors said I had improvement but I couldn't get my ta bu fan shen, in direct translation, my side-step spin, cause I wasn't wearing ballet shoes and the friction didn't exactly make the whole thing a breeze.

Anyway I really have to go because I have LOTSA LOTSA homeworkkkkk and some calligraphy to do.


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Eeeeks another rant about me.

Okok. I feel bad.

People do weird stuff when their angry, if you're reading this I'm sorry for saying that your results sucked, mine aren't exactly stellar buy I was really mad at that time.


Now I can say that I said it because it was kinda for your own wake up call thing but I guess you already know it.

Once again, I apologize, because I was fuming.

Now I never asked whether you were mad at me.

I may have said something along those lines but it was never to make you seem like a psycho bitch.

I guess when you hear it that way, it does sound like I'm trying to make you sound that way, but I'm not. Really.

Because I only said it to like.. 2 people?

If I was trying to make you sound like one I would have asked at least 15 people.

And also,

I don't use a high pitched voice in class on purpose.

And I'm not patronizing.

Really I don't have any evil intentions. They say the world is like.. A million shades of grey but I'm trying to be as black and white as possible. Don't read too much into my actions!

I just really want to learn as much as possible as I can from my teacher regardless of whether they suck or not.

I know that if you don't do as well for Chinese this year, something about our teacher's Chinese accent will come up.

Trust me.

Which is why I ask her to repeat stuff sometimes.

And there's a reason why I sit so near the table, actually, I wanted to make sure that if my voice went higher you guys won't hear it.

Evidently it didn't help much. And I apologize for that.

And in retrospect, I was a bitch in my post about you, really, I was.

I'm sure you may deny it, but you're probably very hurt.

And for that I apologize.

I know that sometimes I come across as bitchy, or selfish or teacher's pettish.

But let's think about it logically. The most that will happen, is that you get annoyed. You start hating on me crazy, I'm annoying etc.

Well I may be annoying, I may gain a hater, but then again, at the end of the day, what do I lose that I originally had?


I may have a lot of people disliking me.

And I appreciate the fact that you bothered to tell me why.

But I think this year.

I really don't care anymore. Just watch my social life in school crumble. Watch it.

I'm prepared for it anyway.

It really doesn't matter to me anymore.

Not because I'm looking down on you guys or anything, I just really want to focus on my studies.

I want to do very very well. Exceptionally well.

And you may not see it, but I want it so badly. You may want it as much too.

In any case, I do not wish to put up with this feud with you any longer, it's causing me a lot of discomfort.

I have never actually held you in spite or anything like that, and I have never gone after you maliciously.

I do get very proud sometimes I admit.

I guess it's a personality trait or something.

So I shall stop here.

Anyway for those of you who have put up with my rant; I'm very sorry.

#16: anything you didn't get, you didn't want enough.

If you didn't get something you wanted, you probably didn't want it badly enough.

Anyway, I have physical training tomorrow T_T

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Hey there.

Feeling like a drowning rock sinking down to the bottom of the big blue sea.

I mean, I'm not griping about my mistakes or blaming people, I really don't like blaming. But you know, I made mistakes myself and I have to deal with the consequences.

How in the world..

Ahhh I'll figure it out.

I kinda don't have much to say. Damn.

Anyway, #16

Do not always take things so personally. Because people always say things they don't say.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Bad day.

Aw today I cried. Really.

I think it was rather silly though. I mean, they did say some pretty hurtful things but it's okay now.. I guess.

#15 will be.. You are allowed to Jude anyone, but you must never pass it.

Basically you can have your own personal thoughts on people.. Etc, but you must never ever establish it as fact.

Tomorrow I have some campfire thing where I'll perform a dance. Meeee.


Lol whuttttt.

But yeah I have to perform in front of 300 kids. Lovely.

Pleeeeease don't let me forget anything. Cause I need my jeans and everything ZOMG.

And I get very emotional about somethings omg I don't know why?!

Have fun bros (:

Monday, 2 January 2012

ASDFGHJKL Last day of school holidays. In fact, first day of school cause it's morning now.

Being more... Sensible? There's no way I'm going to be able to sleep before 1 AM tonight so I'm just going to blog because, well, I haven't been very consistent. But now that my life is going to get back into a more routine kinda thing with school and all, it should be fine. (:

I have two more newspaper cuttings to do in CHINESE. Mother of god, chinese. But I'm not going to do them. Because, I really don't think I'll be able to do a good job at 12:52 AM in the morning.

And I have to wake up at 6:20 am tomorrow, because Mandy wants to meet me at seven so we can choose our seats in class, basically so we can sit together. :D

-happy happy cause Imma not be foreveralone this time-

A bit sad though, because tomorrow I have to do batch punishment, and this time I didn't do anything! But I understand the whole point of patch punishment, really. People bond better in times of hardship. So if 50 pushups are a hardship, I guess we'll bond better that way.

And I'm rather jealous of my cousin.

9 years old and the kid has an iPhone?!\

T_T Whaaaaaaat.

So, anyway, on Youtube, I've been seeing a disturbing trend of people from Singapore kinda giving us a bad name. Well, not a trend, but, you know. THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE.

First, there's this dude called Steven Lim. Who speaks pretty bad English. So, if you've watched those videos...

Yeah we speak like that when we're slack, but when we try we do a good job. (:

I gave to go! Bye (:

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy new year to you all!

Hahaha ok I've been busy like super super busy these past few days and I just got home so I'll make it short.


Just wishing you all a very blessed new year! Spend it all with swag(:

Its awesome to see "first Jan"

I kinda have to bathe nowwww.

Will blog later!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Cramps ):

I'm in school now and I don't have anything to do so yep. Blogging.

Haven't been blogging because I have been having lots and lots of dance practices. Once the Christmas season was over on like, the 27th, I have had a lot of practices.

And I ache everywhere. My butt and even my big toe.

And physical training today was horrible.

First we did 30 push-ups. Where you go down on the ground and push yourself back up, then we did 30 sit-ups which sucked like hell. 30 sit-ups used to be easy but we had like 2 weeks of slack soooo... Yeah.

Anyway. The small fact (#13?) is: you can't fake happiness. You can fake not being sad but you cannot fake happiness.

I mean, even if you're upset and you do all sorts of stuff to make you feel happy, you won't feel happy and it will show. You can fake not being sad however, just don't cry and don't zone out.


Gotta go! Byeee